How Become a Successful Blogger?

Blogger or blogging is common to all especially who on the keep touched with Technology. But what is blogging? Blog is a platform where you can express yourself or other things before the on the web. Now-a-days many men adopt blogging as a profession. But the question is how you can earn from blogging? And how much you earn from blogging? Yes, there are many way you earn from blogging. A successful blogger will earn money from the best two ways are:
01. Google AdSense
02. Affiliate Marketing.

01. Google AdSense:
Google AdSense is an advertising proggramme of Google. Google show different ad on approved sites. If your blog or website is approved by Google, then you can implement ad on your site. While a visitor click on that ad Google will pay you at a specific rate. A successful blogger boost up his revenue with Google AdSense.
02. Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is a system where you can use your blog or website to show product of other company to be sold. If someone purchased some product using or clicking your blog or website then you will get some commission from that company. In simple word, you are the sales partner of that company. Affiliating is one of the best way for earning more money for a successful blogger.
Strategies for Become a Successful Blogger:
01. Theme Selection:
For your blog you need to select a theme or idea. A good idea is the corner stone of being a successful blogger.
02. Setup your blog:
A unique and good content always panacea for your blog. Because without unique and good content, you will not get Google AdSense. Before blog setup you should choose a full domain i.e…Com, net, info, org. Now Google AdSense is tough for sub domain. Such as blogspot, wordpress.etc.
03. Write and Write:
Make writing as your hobby & write professionally. Share your idea and engage people. Create group and page in Facebook and Google plus.
04. Usage of Notepad:
Use notepad and whenever you get idea, then note it in the notebook. And implement it in your blog.
05. Share with Friends:
Whenever you upload a new post or article, then you share this with your friends. Some friend take it easily, some will criticize, and some appreciate you. But bear in mind that you have to do this and will carry on your writing.
06. Use of Social Media:
Social Media is one of the main tool for you to popularize your writing and your idea. Regular update of social media such as Facebook, Google plus, twitter, opera and others also returns some traffic or visitors.
07. Engage with Readers.
Regular engage with readers is the pivotal point of being a successful blogger. Share your post with readers and provide their feedback through comment.
08. Focus your Writing:

To be a successful blogger you must focus readers on your topics. Create a group and make profile signature. Above all, keep trust on yourself and you think that you will be a successful blogger.
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Do you want to get job in Odesk? What to learn? How to learn?

It is proved that online earning is not an imaginary matter but also it is practical oriented. Thousands of guys are involved in freelancing. By doing freelancing job they are self-reliant and independent and as well as they are contributing great to the nation. There are some freelancing platform such as odesk , freelancer, get-a-coder. Odesk is the most popular and widely used freelancing platform where you can get a lot of freelancing job. At every day, a lot of freelancing job are being posted in odesk in a different category. But doing this type of job you need much perseverance and skilled in specific category. Now it the question, what you will learn? How to learn? The answer is simple and plain. The category of odesk job you can do easily and efficiently, choose this category and start your journey. If you expert in typing, then you can do data entry job. To be expert in odesk, you need follow the following step:
01. English language is essential for freelancing. The popular freelancing platform is English based. So be expert in English language.
02. Now you can select one of the following category:

Earn Money in Online with Mobile and PC

Data Entry: For data entry be expert in office package, web research, article writing and YouTube details.
Graphics Design: For graphics design be expert in Photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw, in design.
Web Design: For web design learn Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery.
Web Development: For web development you need to learn HTML,CSS, PHP
Content Management: WordPress, Joomla.
How to learn and Where to learn:
You can learn everything in the online. By searching different category of tutorial, you can be expert in different category. Using Google search you can do this.
You can also learn by video tutorial. You can get such type of tutorial in YouTube and other video sharing site.
Creating some sample:
It is a common practice for all of freelancing platform to show some sample work for buyers to get quick job. Because by viewing sample, buyer get attain some confidence about contractor’s skill.
Pre-condition of getting freelancing job:
Now many of us adopt freelancing as their main occupation. Freelancing is a platform where you need much patience. Many of us got frustrated not having job by trying some days. It is not wise, because at the first stage you need some time to get a job. To get quickly you need follow the below step:
100% complete your profile.
Be confident. Careless about frustration.
Creat your portfolio with some sample.
Creat nice cover letter.
Be updated your selected category job
Some cause not getting job in odesk:
Not complete profile 100%: you should complete your profile up to 100% otherwise you will be failed.
Not portfolio attachment: Portfolio attachment is necessary for getting job. Buyer can convince by seeing your attached file.
Not participated skill test: Skill test is the proof of your skillness. So skill test is a mandatory for getting quick job.
Irrelevant cover letter: Cover letter should be relevant.

Odesk Employment Opportunity: Is Odesk Guru for Part Time Jobs?[ Eoisode -01]

If you do everything as well, I think you will be succeed. If you face any problem, please feel free notify me through comment.


How to Start On-Page SEO

How to Start On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the prime and pivolat part of Search Engine Optimization. On-page SEO plays 60% role of search engine optimization.If you want to get Google page rank and huge organic visitors, there’s no alternative of on-page SEO.
Title Tag:
Title Tag( ) is the first and foremost of On-Page SEO.Why title tag is most significant? Because when a visitor or user search by a certain keyword then google display a list of related title’s web site.Search Engine can understand page content in a sequence way.Google use unique method to disting
uish one page to other same page for better result.
For Example:
Alexa Rank: Improve Traffic Web and Get Huge Visitors

Do you want to get job in Odesk? What to learn? How to learn?

Why & How Website Loses Web Visitor or Traffic

Why & How Website Loses Web Visitor or Traffic
Web Visitor or Traffic is the heart of a website or a blog. Webmaster and Blogger are brainstorming for getting huge web visitor or traffic. Due to unknown to the different tips and tricks of generating web visitor or traffic, many blogger and webmaster loses web traffic or visitor. Insufficient knowledge about SEO is the root cause of loses web traffic or visitor. Here I detected 09 fatal mistake which mainly liable for that situation.

Alexa Rank: Improve Traffic Web and Get Huge Visitors

01. Change Permalink without Redirection:
Permalink is a vital factor for SEO of a website. If you run new blog, then you must be cautious about using a fresh permalink. But when you change permalink, then it create a problem. If you change permalink, your previous post will be reindex otherwise the previous link will not be worked out. You can solve this problem by using a plugin. The is 301 redirection Checker. This plugin allow you to check you out the redirect permalink.
02. Missing Of Sitemap:
Sitemap is an important for indexing different post of a website in different search engine like Google, yahoo etc. If your website created by a CMS like WordPress, then you use Google XML sitemap or wordpress SEO plugin. But if your website based on video, then you can use yeast video seo plugin.
03.htaccess files:
Some blogger changes htaccess files for solving permalink redirection or htaccess optimization. You must be cautious while changing htaccess files because htaccess file is an important file. You must take backup before changing htaccess files. You can use Meta robot plugin to change changing htaccess file.
04. Robot.txt file:
Robot.txt file is an important file for website. Robot.txt file determine which page or post will be indexed or scroll for a search engine bot. For betterment of your website of search engine, you must be optimized your robot.txt file. Never disallow many of file or page in robot.txt.
05. Theme Customization:
You will keep a document while customize a theme so that you can detect any problem of changing of theme customization. Because sometimes free theme does not go with all plugin.
06. WordPress Plugin:
Make sure that unnecessary plugins should be uninstall. Use of unnecessary plugins create much loading time for your website which creates loss of web visitor or traffic.
07. SEO Title or Descrption:
If you use All in SEO, Yeast wordpress SEO or other popular plugins, then you need to better implement of SEO Title and Meta description. Otherwise it would be difficult to in the first page of search engine.
08. Blog Security:
If you use free theme, then make sure that is it existence of malicious or spam file. Because this malicious and spam file redirect your visitor to other website. So be cautious about your site security. In that sense, you can use TAC (theme authenticity checker) plugin. In addition you can also use security plugin.
09.Blog Backup:
Make sure that your blog are well backed up so that you can restore your site on account of danger. If possible every day otherwise you must do it at every a week.

Alexa Rank: Improve Traffic Web and Get Huge Visitors

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Online Money Earning


Online Money Earning with DATA Entry

Data Entry is a growing concern on the online money earning. If  you visit or,you will find a lots of jobs are based on Data Entry. To earn money in the internet,it is lucrative section and easier to any other section. With the minimum knowledge of MS Word/Excel ,Google Docs/spreadsheet,you can earn huge dollar. But data entry need more patient and perseverous. To be a smart in data entry operation you need the followings factor  to be proficient:

What is SMM ? How can you create activity with Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks ”.Social Media is a shorter top level term that describes the space overall, and covers the activities around social interaction, content, videos, images and audio exposure.

How to Write Effective Blog Descriptions

Having set dynamic keywords and descriptions are more important things in blog SEO.  Choosing proper keywords and using them on your blog’s description may put your site on top of different search terms and generated huge traffic. Both keywords and description are easy.  There is some factors work together in search terms. Some bloggers found their site rank higher in search terms within few months. Most of the times these terms are not that popular enough to bring a burst of traffic.

10 Unique Methods to Earn Money Online from Bangladesh

Are you from Bangladesh? Do you earn money online? How do you do it? How did you get started in it?  Then read this guide and learn, understand and Earn Money Online from Bangladesh. This guide can be a reference for online money earning because there are so many ways where you can stay at home and can earn money online.  Online money earning  is just like earning in real life and it’s not too easy.